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Vital Quest Synergy


Vital Quest is a homeopathic software based on the 'Sensation Method' by renowned homeopathic physician, Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

It incorporates an unique blend of case analysis by traditional homeopathic methodology and newer developed concepts. Developed by a team of dedicated homeopaths led by Dr. Paresh Vasani , this software helps in an interactive process of case taking and analysis. It contains modules for repertorial analysis, materia medica analysis, kingdom and miasm classification, newly developed synergy analysis and more. It also has reference information on various kingdoms, source language, miasms etc. and the application of the same in homeopathy and remedy selection.

The software is accompanied with several reference books including materia medica and provings. If one simply types or pastes a case in the program, the software picks out all the sensation and source words and based on an extensive data bank, analyses the case giving result in terms of kingdom, sub-kingdom and the source.

It gives a spectrum of features offering you both sides of prescribing; contemporary and classical . It is a very versatile software that offers various perspectives of analysis which no other software has, thus taking you to a level ahead in your practice.


Salient Features